In a recent episode of the “What Happened When” podcast, renowned commentator Tony Schiavone lauded Jeff Jarrett’s contributions to AEW (All Elite Wrestling), expressing his delight at having him onboard. The veteran wrestling announcer emphasized the importance of Jarrett’s role in the promotion, pointing out how he has become an integral part of the team. 🎙️

He said, “It is so great to have Jeff Jarrett work for us. A lot of times, when things get crazy backstage…” This statement seems to underscore the positive impact that Jarrett, a seasoned wrestler and promoter himself, has had behind the scenes at AEW.

Jeff Jarrett, a third-generation wrestler, has been involved in the wrestling industry for over three decades. He has worn many hats – from being a performer in the ring to taking on executive roles backstage. With his vast experience, it is no surprise that his contributions to AEW are being held in high regard.

Jarrett’s affiliation with AEW has not only brought his expertise to the table but also his unique perspective on the wrestling business. This combination has proven to be a valuable asset for the company. His understanding of the ins and outs of the industry, coupled with his ability to handle high-pressure situations backstage, has been a boon for AEW.

Moreover, Jeff Jarrett’s presence in AEW has added another dimension to the promotion. Known for his charismatic persona and storytelling prowess, he has helped shape the narratives that have kept fans glued to their screens. His ability to create compelling storylines and develop engaging characters has played a significant role in AEW’s success.

Schiavone’s praise for Jarrett also speaks volumes about the positive work environment within AEW. It reflects a culture of mutual respect and collaboration, where every member’s contributions are valued and acknowledged. This camaraderie is likely one of the factors fueling AEW’s growth in the competitive world of professional wrestling.

On the same note, Schiavone also mentioned Powerhouse Hobbs, another AEW talent making waves in the wrestling scene. Although details about his comments on Hobbs were not elaborated upon, it is clear that the wrestling commentator recognizes the potential and talent within AEW.

In conclusion, Tony Schiavone’s high praise for Jeff Jarrett and Powerhouse Hobbs highlights the strength and depth of talent within AEW. With experienced professionals like Jarrett working behind the scenes and promising talent like Hobbs in the ring, AEW is poised to continue its rise in the world of professional wrestling.


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