Wrestling fans worldwide know the dynamic duo, Tyler Breeze and Fandango, as the tag team ‘Breezango.’ Their unique charm and impressive skills in the ring brought them significant success during their time together. They managed to make a name for themselves despite having limited opportunities.

The pair’s journey started on WWE’s developmental brand NXT where they clinched gold by winning the NXT Tag Team Championships back in 2020. This victory was a testament to their teamwork and dedication towards achieving greatness in wrestling.

However, when it came to competing on WWE’s main roster, things didn’t quite go according to plan. Despite their efforts and undeniable chemistry inside the ring, they never got hold of any championship titles there.

In an interview with Unscriptify recently, Tyler Breeze opened up about his thoughts regarding this matter. The interviewer asked him if he ever thought that Breezango would win tag titles on WWE’s main roster.

His response revealed much about his perspective towards this issue. He candidly admitted that he did not believe they would have ever won those prestigious titles while being part of WWE’s primary league – a statement that might surprise some considering how well they performed as partners.

This revelation brings into focus many questions related to opportunities wrestlers receive or lack thereof at different stages of their careers within various leagues under one organization like WWE 🤼‍♂️ . It also sheds light on how even successful partnerships can fail due to circumstances beyond individual control or expectations set too high from previous successes.

Tyler Breeze is known for his honesty both inside and outside of the ring; hence it is no surprise that he spoke so openly about such a sensitive topic concerning himself and Fandango. His words serve as an insightful look into what goes behind making champions out of athletes – right from nurturing talent at lower levels (like NXT) till reaching pinnacle platforms (like WWE Main Roster).

Despite not winning tag titles on WWE’s main roster, Breezango’s journey is a story of resilience and making the most out of what they were given. It serves as an inspiration for many aspiring wrestlers who aim to make it big in this industry. Their tale reminds us all that success isn’t only about winning gold but also about the journey, struggles, and strength shown in face of adversity.

In conclusion, Tyler Breeze’s belief regarding their chances at winning WWE Main Roster Tag Titles might have been proven right. However, his honesty and courage to share such thoughts publicly reflect the true spirit of a fighter – one that doesn’t back down from expressing truth even when it may seem unfavorable or harsh.


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