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UFC’s Best Trash Talkers

Ronda Rousey seeks the balance between WWE and UFC, Next rival of Conor McGregor? more


UFC’s Best Trash Talkers

UFC always puts a spectacle when it comes to promoting fights. You can watch the best fighters insulting each other and crowning themselves as the best in their divisions. Some fighters prove their claims by destroying their opponents in the ring, but unfortunately, some end up on the other side.

The end of the year is nearing and so are the UFC events closing up for 2019. But, we still have a couple of events that will take place in the next few months. The press-conferences will surely be entertaining to watch and the fights will be even greater. Let’s check out which fighters are the favourites and then we’ll reveal the list for the best trash-talkers in this sport.


So far, we have 2 more confirmed events until the end of the year, UFC 244 and 245. They will be amazing to watch and it will difficult to foresee who will be the winner and who will wear the belts in their divisions. If you are thinking of placing a bet, it would be wise to read these UFC predictions before making a decision.

UFC 244 will take place in New York City and the main event is the fight we are all eager to see. Jorge Masvidal and Nate Diaz are finally stepping into the octagon. Masvidal’s odds are 1/2 and Nate’s odds are 6/4. Bookies are placing Jorge Masvidal slightly in front of Nate Diaz. The co-main event is Derrick Lewis versus Blagoy Ivanov.

UFC 245: Las Vegas will be held on December 15. Max Holloway versus Alexander Volkanovski. Holloway’s odds are 1/2 and Volkanovski’s odds of winning are 3/2. The co-main event is Amanda Nunes versus Germaine de Randamie. Amanda Nunes is the obvious favourite with 1/3, and Germaine’s odds are 2/1.

Now, let’s head over to check out the biggest crowd entertainers in the UFC. All of these people are terrific fighters who (most of the time) backed their talking in the ring.

Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey definitely had opponents shook during press-conferences. She was one of the best trash-talkers in the game. Unfortunately for her, every word backlashed against her after she suffered two consecutive defeats against Holly Holm and Amanda Nunes. After that, she retired from UFC and started her career in WWE. Since joining the WWE, she has been dominating the wrestling league.

Diaz Brothers

The biggest gangsters in the UFC world. You simply knew that they will be featured on this list. The Diaz brothers are viciously disrespectful to anyone who steps on their toes. Their ultimate disrespect is even shown during fights, where they have been caught how they trash the fighters and try to undermine their authority. The peak during these talks is their famous Stockton Slap. Nick Diaz has the slight upper hand above Nate in this section, but both of them are vicious with their vocabulary and rhetoric.

Chael Sonnen

When Chael Sonnen starts trashing someone, you can’t stop him. Although he is always seen as someone who parodies people, there is no doubt that his trash-talk skills are off the charts. He has been trashing other opponents, even reporters, live on TV.

Conor McGregor

This is a tight decision, but Conor gets the No.1 spot over Chael Sonnen. We’ve witnessed Conor absolutely trashing opponents during press conferences. His trash talk was so good that he even managed to destroy the fighters mentally even before the fights began. Of course, there were some times where it backlashed on him, but most of the time, Conor has been dismantling opponents with his words.

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