The wrestling world is buzzing with news and updates on Ronda Rousey, AEW Collision Pre-Sale, Kiera Hogan, The Mogul Embassy and Sabin. 🤼

AEW (All Elite Wrestling) is set to make its debut in Memphis on Saturday, October 21st. This will be marked by a live edition of the much-anticipated event – AEW Collision at the FedEx Forum. To add more excitement to this upcoming event, the ticket pre-sale has already commenced.

For those eager fans who want to secure their spots for this thrilling event ahead of time, there’s good news! The pre-sale code has been released; it’s POTSHN. With this code in hand, you can get your tickets before they are made available to the general public.

While we’re all excited about AEW making its mark in Memphis with a bang through ‘Collision’, let us not forget that September 18th marks another significant day for wrestling enthusiasts worldwide: Tickets for ‘AEW Collision’ will go on sale for everyone!

In other exciting news from the wrestling universe comes an update about popular wrestler Ronda Rousey. She’s adding another feather to her cap – authorship! That’s right; she’ll be releasing her second book titled “Our Fight.” While details remain sparse as of now regarding what exactly readers can expect from it or when precisely it will hit bookstore shelves or online platforms like Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Meanwhile Kiera Hogan continues her rise within professional wrestling circles while staying true to herself outside them too.

On top of these personal achievements and events coming up soon also includes some interesting developments around The Mogul Embassy and Sabin—two entities whose names have become synonymous with quality entertainment within professional wrestling circuits across North America.

As always keep checking back here frequently so you don’t miss out any new updates or last-minute changes related either these wrestlers themselves their respective promotions.

In conclusion, the wrestling world continues to evolve and expand with new events, talents and stories. Whether it’s AEW making its debut in Memphis or Ronda Rousey releasing her second book, there is always something exciting happening. And for fans of Kiera Hogan, The Mogul Embassy and Sabin – stay tuned because things are only going to get more interesting!


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