After the AEW All Out 2023 pay-per-view event on Sunday night, the stage is set for an exciting episode of AEW Dynamite this Wednesday. 📺

In anticipation of the action to come, several matches have been announced that promise to keep viewers on the edge of their seats. One of these highly anticipated bouts is a tag-team match featuring Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara, who will be facing off against Aussie Open. This match-up promises to be a thrilling encounter, packed with high-octane action and gripping drama.

Chris Jericho, a seasoned veteran in the world of wrestling, brings a wealth of experience to the ring. Known for his charisma and technical prowess, Jericho is sure to put on a show. Partnering with him is Sammy Guevara, a young and talented wrestler known for his high-flying moves and never-say-die attitude. Together, they form a formidable team that will undoubtedly bring their A-game to the ring.

Their opponents, Aussie Open, are no pushovers either. The duo has been making waves in the wrestling circuit with their hard-hitting style and resilience. They are known for their teamwork and chemistry, which they will surely leverage to counter the threat posed by Jericho and Guevara.

The upcoming episode of AEW Dynamite is not just about this tag-team match, though. There are several other matches lined up that promise to deliver a night of non-stop wrestling action. While the details of these matches are yet to be revealed, one can expect them to feature some of the biggest names in AEW.

The post-AEW All Out 2023 media scrum was a testament to the excitement building up for the upcoming episode of AEW Dynamite. Wrestlers, commentators, and fans alike shared their thoughts and predictions for the announced matches, adding to the buzz surrounding the event.

The world of professional wrestling thrives on such anticipation and speculation. It’s what drives the wrestlers to push their limits inside the ring and gives the fans something to look forward to every week. This week’s AEW Dynamite is no different. With a line-up featuring some of the most talented wrestlers in the world, it’s all set to be a memorable night.

In conclusion, this Wednesday’s AEW Dynamite is shaping up to be a must-watch event for all wrestling fans. With a tag-team match featuring Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara versus Aussie Open, among other exciting bouts, there’s no shortage of action to look forward to. So, make sure to mark your calendars and get ready for an unforgettable night of wrestling action.

As we wait for Wednesday to roll around, the anticipation continues to build. Who will emerge victorious in the tag-team match? What surprises does the rest of the line-up hold? All these questions will be answered on the next episode of AEW Dynamite. Until then, keep the excitement going and stay tuned for more updates.


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