The AEW Dynamite show, aired on TBS on September 13, 2023, saw an impressive increase in viewership. The episode managed to pull in a total of 888,000 viewers. This was a noteworthy rise from the previous week’s count of 887,000 viewers. Despite the slight fluctuation in numbers, one thing remained consistent – the rating within the coveted demographic of ages 18-49.

As per reports by WrestleNomics 📊 , both this week and last registered an equal rating of 0.31 within this key age group. This is a significant achievement as it indicates that AEW Dynamite has been successful at retaining its audience base.

One major highlight for fans tuning into this particular episode was undoubtedly the Grand Slam World Title eliminator tournament finals which featured Roderick Strong versus Samoa Joe. These are names that resonate deeply with wrestling fans across all corners of the globe due to their prowess and skills inside the ring.

Moreover, there were also performances by other notable stars including AEW International Champion who showcased his talents during various segments throughout the evening’s programming.

AEW has always strived to provide engaging content for its fanbase and these figures validate those efforts effectively demonstrating how they have successfully captured audiences’ attention despite being up against stiff competition from other shows airing concurrently.

In conclusion, based on these ratings released by WrestleNomics it can be inferred that not only does AEW continue to hold steady ground but may even be gaining momentum among its target demographics which bodes well for future broadcasts if they manage maintain or improve upon current performance levels.

This data analysis provides valuable insights regarding viewer preferences and trends over time enabling broadcasters like TBS along with producers behind shows such as AEW Dynamite ability adapt accordingly ensuring sustained interest engagement from their respective audiences moving forward


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