The AEW Rampage show, which aired on TNT on September 1, 2023, attracted a total of 372,000 viewers. This is a notable figure, considering that the broadcast was during the 10 pm ET timeslot on a Friday evening, a time when many potential viewers might be engaged in other activities or preparing for the weekend. 📺

The viewer rating for the 18-49 demographic, a key metric for advertisers and broadcasters alike, stood at 0.11. This rating is similar to the previous week’s performance when the show attracted 348,000 viewers with a 0.11 rating in the same demographic. The consistency in the ratings suggests that AEW Rampage has established a loyal viewer base, who tune in every week regardless of the schedule.

The news of these ratings was reported by Brandon Thurston of WrestleNomics. His reports are widely regarded in the industry for their accuracy and insight, providing a valuable barometer for the performance of various wrestling shows.

The episode in question featured a thrilling 20-man battle. These large-scale events are always a major draw for viewers, promising high-octane action and drama. They also provide an opportunity for multiple wrestlers to showcase their skills and engage with their fans, vital for maintaining interest and building personal brands within the wrestling world.

AEW Rampage’s consistent ratings performance is a testament to its compelling content and the appeal of its wrestlers. The show’s ability to maintain its viewer base week after week, despite stiff competition and a challenging timeslot, indicates a strong connection with its target audience.

Moreover, the 0.11 rating in the 18-49 demographic is particularly encouraging. Advertisers often target this age group due to their higher disposable income and willingness to spend, making them a highly desirable demographic for any television show.

In conclusion, the AEW Rampage ratings for September 1, 2023, reflect positively on the show’s content, scheduling, and overall appeal. The consistency in viewer numbers and demographic ratings suggests that AEW Rampage is effectively engaging its target audience, laying a strong foundation for continued success in the future. It will be interesting to see how these figures evolve as the show continues to develop and respond to its viewers’ preferences and expectations.


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