In a recent interview with Cincinnati’s ESPN 1530, renowned professional wrestler Jon Moxley shared some insights into his career and personal experiences in the wrestling world. Most notably, he recounted his final conversation with WWE CEO Vince McMahon before leaving the company.

Moxley began by reflecting on his time at WWE. He had been part of the organization since 2011 but decided to leave in early 2019 due to various reasons, one being that he felt taken for granted. This sentiment was confirmed during his last interaction with McMahon.

According to Moxley, McMahon admitted that WWE took him for granted during their final discussion. The acknowledgment from such an influential figure in wrestling was significant and further justified Moxley’s decision to move on.

Following his departure from WWE, Moxley wasted no time getting back into the ring. He made a surprise debut at All Elite Wrestling (AEW)’s inaugural event – Double or Nothing – held in May 2019 🎉

The transition proved successful for him as he quickly became a mainstay of AEW programming. His headlining match against Orange Cassidy at AEW All Out 2023 showcased not only his talent but also demonstrated how much more appreciated he felt within this new environment.

His journey post-WWE has been filled with high-profile matches and exciting opportunities which have allowed him to continue showcasing his skills while feeling valued and respected as an athlete.

This tale serves as a reminder about the importance of appreciation within any industry – even something as competitive and intense as professional wrestling. It highlights how crucial it is for employers across all sectors to value their employees’ contributions if they wish them to stay committed and productive.

While fans may miss seeing Jon Moxley under the banner of WWE, they can take comfort knowing that he seems happier where he is now – proving once again that sometimes change truly is good!

As we look forward towards future events, there’s no doubt that Moxley will continue to make waves in the wrestling world. His journey serves as an inspiration for many aspiring wrestlers who dream of making it big one day.

In conclusion, Jon Moxley’s candid revelation about his experience with WWE and Vince McMahon has shed light on some behind-the-scenes realities of professional wrestling. It underscores the importance of respect and appreciation within any profession – a lesson we can all take to heart.


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