Jaxson Ryker, a controversial ex-WWE star whose real name is Chad Lail, has been making big moves since his wrestling career came to an end. Known for his flamboyant persona and thrilling performances in the ring, Ryker’s new role may surprise some of his fans.

Recently, he took to Instagram to share exciting news about the next chapter of his life. The former WWE superstar announced that he has now joined the Iredell County Sheriff’s Office in North Carolina. His post was filled with pride and gratitude as he expressed how honored he felt by this new opportunity.

“I am humbled,” wrote Ryker on Instagram. “Yesterday September 14th 2023 marked a significant change in my life.”

The transition from being a professional wrestler to working in law enforcement might seem unusual for some people; however, it highlights Ryker’s versatility and determination. It shows that there are many paths one can take after their time in the spotlight ends 🚔.

Ryker did not provide much detail regarding what exactly his duties at the sheriff’s office would entail but given his physical prowess honed through years of wrestling training, it is likely that they will make good use of him.

In addition to sharing this surprising update about himself on social media platforms such as Instagram where fans can keep up-to-date with their favorite stars’ lives beyond their careers, Jaxson also shared pictures wearing uniform proudly representing Iredell County Sheriff’s Office which further confirmed seriousness behind words written under posts announcing career shift into law enforcement sector.

This intriguing development adds another layer onto already complex personality known as Jaxson Ryker – someone who continues evolving even after leaving world-famous stage like WWE.

It remains interesting seeing how things unfold for him within police department considering controversy surrounding past actions during tenure within World Wrestling Entertainment company yet regardless personal opinions towards individual involved here today we should respect decision made by them pursuing different career path after retiring from professional wrestling industry.

In conclusion, Jaxson Ryker’s story serves as an inspiring example of how one can reinvent themselves and embark on new adventures no matter where they come from. Whether in the ring or at the sheriff’s office, it seems like this ex-WWE star is always ready to take on a challenge.


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