Jaxson Ryker, a controversial former WWE superstar, has recently taken on a new role that is quite different from his previous in-ring career. Known by his real name Chad Lail when not in the wrestling ring, he has moved away from the spotlight of professional wrestling and into public service.


Ryker took to social media platform Instagram to announce this significant change in his life. In an emotionally charged post dated September 14, 2023, he revealed that he’s now working as a member of the Iredell County Sheriff’s Office located in North Carolina.

He wrote about this transition with evident pride and gratitude. “What an honor,” he began. His words reflected deep respect for his new profession and colleagues at the sheriff’s office.

This move marks a notable shift for Ryker whose professional wrestling career was marked by controversy. Despite these challenges during his time with WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment), it appears that Ryker is eager to embark on this fresh chapter of serving his community.

His decision comes after what seems like careful consideration following the end of his active wrestling career. It demonstrates how one can successfully pivot their path even after being associated with one specific field or industry for years – something many may find inspiring.

The announcement received mixed reactions online due to Ryker’s past controversies during his time as a wrestler under WWE banner; however, most comments were supportive of him taking up such an honorable position within law enforcement agency where dedication towards maintaining peace and order are paramount qualities required.

While some fans expressed surprise at seeing him swap out body slams for police badges others congratulated him wishing success in this noble endeavor which showcases commitment towards societal welfare above personal fame or glory often associated with sports entertainment industry like WWE where performers enjoy huge fan followings worldwide but also face intense scrutiny over their actions both inside outside ringside arenas regularly broadcasted via various platforms globally making them household names.

In conclusion, Jaxson Ryker’s career trajectory serves as a reminder that life after wrestling can be fulfilling and impactful. His move to join the Iredell County Sheriff’s Office is not just about personal growth but also about giving back to society in a meaningful way. This new chapter in his journey may have come as a surprise for many, but it is clear that he is ready and eager to embrace this role wholeheartedly.


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