GUNTHER, the WWE Intercontinental Champion, successfully defended his title against Chad Gable in a recent episode of WWE RAW. The match, which was expected to be a key draw for Payback 2023, did not take place as many fans and pundits had anticipated. Fightful Select’s latest report has shed some light on this surprising decision by the WWE.

According to the report, the decision to hold the Gable vs. GUNTHER match on RAW instead of at Payback 2023 was a strategic one by the WWE management. This move was seen as an attempt to boost the ratings of the weekly show, RAW, which has been facing stiff competition from other wrestling promotions. The high-profile match between GUNTHER and Gable was seen as a perfect opportunity to attract more viewership.

The match between GUNTHER and Gable was indeed a spectacle to behold. Both wrestlers showcased their skills and abilities in a thrilling encounter that kept the audience on the edge of their seats. GUNTHER, with his superior strength and experience, managed to retain his title against Gable, who put up a valiant effort.

Despite the disappointment of not seeing this match at Payback 2023, fans have appreciated the WWE’s decision to air it on RAW. The match has been hailed as one of the best in recent times, with both wrestlers receiving praise for their performances. The decision to air the match on RAW also gave more fans the opportunity to witness the epic encounter.

Gable, despite losing the match, proved why he is considered one of the best in the business. His agility, speed, and technical prowess were on full display during the match. He pushed GUNTHER to the limit and showed that he is more than capable of holding his own against the top stars in the WWE.

On the other hand, GUNTHER’s victory solidified his status as the reigning Intercontinental Champion. His power, resilience, and determination were evident throughout the match. Despite Gable’s best efforts, GUNTHER managed to come out on top, proving why he is the champion.

In conclusion, the decision to hold the GUNTHER vs. Gable match on RAW instead of Payback 2023 turned out to be a masterstroke by the WWE. It not only provided a boost to the ratings of RAW but also gave fans an unforgettable match. While there was initial disappointment over the match not taking place at Payback 2023, fans have come to appreciate the WWE’s decision. The thrilling match between GUNTHER and Gable is a testament to the WWE’s commitment to providing high-quality entertainment to its fans 🤼.


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