Willow Nightingale, the NJPW STRONG Women’s Champion, has been in the ring with Athena multiple times this year. She takes pride in their matches and has reflected on them positively. Nightingale shared her thoughts during a media scrum at Starrcast VI, indicating that the bouts had surpassed her expectations, despite not winning Athena’s ROH Women’s Championship.

Nightingale commented, “I’m really proud of what Athena and I have accomplished in the ring together. We’ve had some intense matches, and even though I didn’t win the ROH Women’s Championship, I feel like we’ve made a significant impact.”

The talented wrestler continued to share her experiences, noting that every match with Athena was a learning experience. She stated, “Each time I faced Athena, I learned something new about myself as a wrestler. It pushed me to my limits, and I believe it made me a better performer.”

In addition to her battles with Athena, Nightingale also touched upon Tommy Dreamer putting his career on the line. The wrestling world was abuzz when the veteran wrestler announced his decision. Nightingale expressed her respect for Dreamer’s passion and commitment to the sport.

“Tommy Dreamer is a legend in the industry,” she said. “His decision to put his career on the line shows the level of dedication he has for wrestling. It’s inspiring for younger wrestlers like myself. It shows us that passion and determination can take you far in this business.”

Nightingale went on to discuss her future goals and aspirations in the wrestling world. She revealed that she aims to continue improving her skills and hopes to capture the ROH Women’s Championship in the future. She also expressed her desire to inspire other women and young girls who are interested in pursuing a career in wrestling.

“I want to be a role model for young girls who dream of stepping into the ring one day,” Nightingale stated. “I want them to see that they can achieve anything they set their mind to.”

In closing, Nightingale thanked her fans for their continuous support. She promised to keep giving her all in every match and to make them proud.

“It’s been an incredible journey so far, and I couldn’t have done it without the support of my fans,” she concluded. “I promise to keep pushing myself and to give you all thrilling matches to watch. Thank you for being on this journey with me. 🙏”

With her passion, determination, and talent, Willow Nightingale continues to make waves in the wrestling world. As she looks forward to more challenges and opportunities, fans can expect to see more exciting matches and memorable moments from this rising star.


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