WWE fans might want to look away now as news has started to emerge regarding WrestleMania 37 and it is not great.

According to recent reports that have started to emerge online, the WWE have decided to push back the biggest wrestling event in the world back a couple of weeks.

The news had been tweeted by Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful.com, who stated that the WWE are planning to change this year’s event date,  and are looking to push it back to April 11; the week after Easter Sunday this year.

It is believed that the WWE are planning to hold The Grandest Stage of them All on that date instead of the current March 27 date that they have pencilled in, thus providing everyone with an extra two-week wait for the main event. Bettors might be happy with the move, though, as it could mean those using www.apuestas24.mx will have a little more time to try and find the best odds available when betting on the wrestling.

Furthermore, it has been reported that WrestleMania 37 will be taking place in Los Angeles, although that should not come as a surprise considering the situation in the Californian city. It has been reported further that many of the other destination that the WWE would have potentially looked at as host venues are unable to accommodate for the main event due to other commitments that they have with other sporting events that have been booked.

The home of the WWE ThunderDome event, which is at Tropicana Field could be used, whilst the Amway Center is another option, with both of these based in the state of Florida.

Another option that could be on the table, though, to host WrestleMania 37 is the Raymond James Stadium. The venue was initially scheduled to host last year’s event and it is thought that it is still available as a potential venue, as there are no other events scheduled to take place on the date in question.

As mentioned, it should not really come as a surprise that the WWE are looking to postpone WrestleMania 37 a little, especially with what is going on in the world. COVID continues to impact America and the rest of the world in huge ways.

Furthermore, although not likely to be possible, the WWE will likely want to have people in attendance physically and not just in a virtual capacity, whilst it will also provide them with enough time to try and properly plan for anything that may happen between now and the date that finally gets confirmed.


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