Kurt Angle, the WWE Hall of Famer and Olympic gold medalist, recently made a guest appearance on “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast. The topic of discussion was primarily centered around the recent merger between World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). During this enlightening conversation, Angle disclosed some intriguing information about the previous contracts that existed between these two major entertainment companies.

According to Angle’s revelation, both WWE and UFC had previously established certain contractual agreements that effectively prohibited talent from crossing over from one company to another. This meant that fighters under contract with UFC were not allowed to participate in any WWE events or vice versa.

This policy was strictly enforced by both organizations for several years. It essentially created an invisible barrier between them which prevented their respective talents from exploring opportunities beyond their current platform.

“I know Dana…” Kurt began without completing his sentence but it seemed like he was referring to Dana White – President of UFC who is known for his strict policies towards maintaining exclusivity within his organization.

These restrictions have been seen as limiting by many athletes who wish for more flexibility in terms of where they can showcase their skills. However, such measures are often deemed necessary by management in order to protect brand identity and maintain unique selling points within a highly competitive market space.

In retrospect though, it appears that times are changing with the recent merger announcement. This move could potentially mark a significant shift in how business operations will be conducted moving forward among these two giants within combat sports entertainment industry 🤼‍♂️

It remains uncertain what specific changes this merger would bring about but fans across both platforms are eager to see what new possibilities might now become available for their favorite stars due to this development.

Ultimately however, whether these changes will prove beneficial or detrimental can only be determined over time once we start seeing its effects unfold on live television screens worldwide.

As always though until then all we can do is speculate and wait with bated breath for the next big announcement to drop. But one thing’s for sure, this merger has definitely stirred up a lot of buzz within the wrestling community and beyond.

In conclusion, Kurt Angle’s revelation about past contracts between WWE and UFC provides an interesting insight into how these organizations have evolved over time. It also raises anticipation towards what future holds in store for both companies as well as their talent pool post-merger.


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