The wrestling world is abuzz with anticipation as announces three exciting matches for the upcoming episode of WWE NXT Level Up, scheduled to air on Friday night. This show will be available for streaming on Peacock.

One of the key highlights of this event is the NXT Global Heritage Invitational Group A Match. This match features Tyler Batel and Charlie Dempsey, two individuals who have proven their mettle in previous encounters. Both are known for their unique wrestling styles and fierce determination, promising a thrilling contest that fans won’t want to miss.

In addition to this high-stakes competition, there’s also an engaging tag team match lined up between Dani Palmer & Tatum Paxley versus Lash Legend & Jakara Jackson. The dynamics between these four wrestlers promise an electrifying showdown full of unexpected twists and turns. Each wrestler brings something different to the table – from raw power and agility to strategic prowess – making it anyone’s game at this stage.

Lastly but certainly not least, we have Tyriek Igwe and Tyson Dupont squaring off against each other in what promises to be another riveting encounter 🤼‍♂️ . Both competitors carry impressive track records with them into the ring; hence spectators can expect nothing short of a spectacular performance.

WWE NXT Level Up continually provides fresh content that keeps viewers glued to their screens every week. It has become one platform where new talent gets recognized while seasoned performers continue showcasing their skills.

This week’s line-up reaffirms why WWE remains at the forefront when it comes providing quality entertainment through professional wrestling events around globe. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or someone just getting acquainted with sport – there’s no denying excitement these matches are bound bring!

So get ready folks! Brace yourselves for some high-octane action coming your way courtesy of WWE NXT Level Up! Remember: Friday nights were meant for thrilling battles inside square circle! Don’t forget tune in witness these epic showdowns unfold before your very eyes!


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