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Eric Young Talks About His Experience In The WarGames


Eric Young Talks About His Experience In The WarGames

Eric young dgdgdfg - Eric Young Talks About His Experience In The WarGames

Eric Young recently wrote a column on the ESPN website and explained about his experience at the NXT Takeover: WarGames event held on 18th November. below are the highlights…

About his experience in the WarGames: “When I saw it for the first time, the cage was already lowered and had a demented appearance, everything I thought it was going to be had come true. It was brilliant, strangely scary, with two rings, and it was huge, “Young said.

“You’re used to seeing a ring, and having two, one next to the other, in a space like that, was pretty amazing. To think that I would be allowed to be there was quite exciting. The way everything was created … the whole night was going to be a constant memory for the crowd. ”
On the importance and history of combat: “It was an iconic fight, it does not matter if you saw NWA, WCW or WWE when you were little, the War Games are different, it was the culmination of our rivalries, a way to solve the fight by locking up three groups of people and making them beat each other. each other until one was victorious.

The leader of SAnitY thought they made history: “In 10 years, I’m going to say that I was there for the first one, and I guess these fans who were in Houston will say the same thing. I will be included in the history books as one of the nine people who participated in the first combat of War Games in WWE. “


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