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Johnny Wrestling is Gone; What’s happening with Johnny Gargano?


Johnny Wrestling is Gone; What’s happening with Johnny Gargano?

After all that Johnny Gargano has suffered because of Tommaso Ciampa, surely many do not wonder that he is losing his mind. The best example we saw yesterday during the recent NXT program.

The former tag team Champion faced EC3. Everything was fine until he refused to let go of the Gargano Escape despite the referee’s warnings. Not content with that, he connected a knee to his rival similar to the one his former friend had connected to him.

It seems that everything that has happened with Ciampa is very much affected by Gargano. As we say, it seems that he is starting to lose his mind. After the fight, in an interview behind the scenes, he said he does not know who he is.

“What sent me to that? What hasn’t sent me to that? What haven’t I been through?

Tommaso Ciampa wanted to take everything away from me. He said he was gonna take my career. He said he was gonna take my health. He wanted to take everything I love away from me. And I wouldn’t let him do it. I didn’t let him do it.

And then Chicago when he ripped the wedding ring from my finger, spit on it, threw it in the crowd and still won. He still won. When everything was said and done, his hand was raised and he won and he got everything he wanted. He beat me. He took everything away from me. I walked out – I didn’t leave in an ambulance, but I walked out and I walked through that curtain a different person. I woke up that next morning and I looked in the mirror and I didn’t know who’s looking back at me anymore.

Johnny Wrestling… Johnny Wrestling is gone. I don’t know who I am anymore. And it’s not a bad thing. It’s not a good thing – I don’t know what it is. Out there tonight, I don’t know what that was. Something, something just happened. And you know what they say. Be careful fighting the darkness cause you may become the very darkness you’re fighting. Maybe that’s true.

Maybe it’s true.”

We will have to see what happens in the coming weeks but we can anticipate that the public will continue to sing “Johnny Wrestling!”. But as for the fighter, we’ll see if this means a before and after in his career.


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