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Pete Dunne is Honest About His Feelings for WWE


Pete Dunne is Honest About His Feelings for WWE

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Current WWE UK champion Pete Dunne interviewed Digital Spy and talked about various wrestling topics and British feelings for WWE.

On What aspirations does Pete Dunne have within WWE?

“I wanted to work for WWE from the moment I knew I wanted to live in the wrestling world. It was my goal and I tried to achieve it when I was 22 years old, which led me to set new challenges and goals for the future. Everything really knows an extra, but my main goals are what they are. I want to participate in WrestleMania, if it’s possible I want to defend my UK championship in WrestleMania, and who knows, maybe in a few years I’ll become the first British WWE Champion, or perhaps the second, or the third, but equally that is definitely the goal I want to achieve. “

On The dreamed combat that I would like to perform:

“I would love to have something with William Regal for once. He was one of the factors that led me to be hired and after arriving at the position where I am right now, I have nothing but thanks for him. And obviously, the great rivalry that we have been carrying out is something very fun. Unfortunately I do not think that will ever happen, but if there is any option or miracle that we will ever meet in the ring, it would be something incredible for me. “

On What do you think of the people who say that WWE is trying to end the indies?

“It’s something that infuriates people who say that, you just have to look, you have the Mae Young Classic girls who are still working on the independent circuit, you have a WWE title that can be seen in the indies, a lot of talent involved in those events in the United Kingdom. Listening to things like WWE trying to kill the indies or something like that is the opposite of what seems to be happening, so I consider those comments totally absurd. “


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