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WWE Confirms the Contracting of EC3


WWE Confirms the Contracting of EC3

EC3 FSSDFDSFSD - WWE Confirms the Contracting of EC3

Michael Hutter, known in Impact Wrestling as Ethan Carter III and in his previous stage in WWE as Derrick Bateman, made his appearance among the public of NXT Takeover: Philadelphia. The WWE cameras captured his presence and that was a sign that the fighter had reached an agreement with the company. has published the news through a press release, although Mauro Ranallo confirmed it during the Takeover broadcast: EC 3 has been hired by WWE. Note that in WWE will use the same nickname as in Impact Wrestling, but with 3 separated from the letters ‘EC’. Many more details have not yet been given about this new addition, although WWE has promised to give us more information about it.

Hutter has been in the orbit of WWE for a few weeks, especially after his farewell to the latest Impact Wrestling recordings. On January 16, he was seen at the WWE Performance Center and from that moment on it was assumed that he had signed a contract with the company.


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