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Paige’s Best Moments (video), The Hardy Talk About The Importance Of Starrcade


Paige’s Best Moments (video), The Hardy Talk About The Importance Of Starrcade

Matt and Jeff Hardy attended Starrcade yesterday, but you know that Jeff could not fight in pairs due to a long-term injury. His older brother may have done it, but he did neither. Hardys joined the party and wanted to witness and appreciate the importance of Starcade with WWE camera.

Matt Hardy Said:

“I think it’s spectacular that Starrcade is back after a long time. Starrcade is one of the reasons why my brother and I are dedicated to this as we grew up being big fans of Ric Flair, Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat, The 4 Horsemen or The Rock ‘N Roll Express and everything they did in Starrcade and now in 2017 being part of a Starrcade event for both my brother and me is something very big. I think people take things for granted but for us as fans being here is something we never thought about.”

“I think that Starrcade is so important for the Carolina area because this is where the idea of ​​Dusty Rhodes was born and North Carolina knows it and is proud of it. That Starrcade returns to Greensboro is magical.”

Jeff Hardy Said:

“For me to present legends like The Rock ‘N Roll Express is something that leaves me speechless, WOW! God bless you for being all you are and doing what you have done.”

“Regarding the segment that we had with New Day, the only thing we tried was to create a little atmosphere when I removed my sling as if I was going to fight, but immediately I put it on and well … the thing has come to nothing.”

“My rehabilitation is going well, but it still hurts a lot. I can not say that I feel good but I’m on the right track and maybe in a month I can start lifting and doing some chest hoping that I will be discharged around April and can return to the ring to do what that Jeff Hardy knows how to do.”

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