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Cesaro Says: “I was not looking to be part of a team and I know that Sheamus was not interested either”


Cesaro Says: “I was not looking to be part of a team and I know that Sheamus was not interested either”

WWE superstar and member of current Raw tag team champions Cesaro interviewed by the news media Al Arabiya English and told some topics on the world of wrestling at WWE and his career. Below are the highlights(transcrition by WrestlingInc)…

On the moment in which he learned that he would form a team with who until then was his rival, Sheamus: “The moment I knew that I would team with Sheamus was at the moment in which the fans found out, that was when Mick Foley announced it on Raw . I did not have much information before that, in fact, everything that happened from that moment, even before with the combats to the best of 7, was basically art imitating life. Sheamus and I had a rivalry and then we became a team, and we went from being co-workers to being best friends. It is this that makes our team so special and what makes the fans connect with us, they have been part of this journey with me and Sheamus.”

On the other hand, Cesaro counted because he was not interested in forming a new team with another WWE superstar: “I have had the fortune of having many teammates. I was Kassius Ohno’s partner in the Indies as Kings Of Pro Wrestling. In WWE I formed a team with Jack Swagger and I think that was the best team in WWE history that could never win the championships as a couple. Then, of course, I was a teammate of Tyson Kidd and tragically 6 months later the team had to be dissolved. I was not looking to be part of a new team and I know that Sheamus was not interested either , but now, we are enjoying the best moment in our lives. “

On the injury he suffered during No Mercy , when two of his front teeth were embedded inside his gum: “At the time the blood started to come out I was worried that they could stop the fight, I was praying that I would not They did it because it was a special for WWE Network and it was for the championships as a couple, which means a lot to Sheamus and me. Those teeth got into my jaw and it hurt, but I did not know what I could do to relieve the pain at the moment so I thought ‘well, let’s continue and win this fight’. “


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