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WWE Monday Night Raw March 26, 2018 Preview


WWE Monday Night Raw March 26, 2018 Preview

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Credit: WWE

USA Network will broadcast next Monday, March 12, the 1,295th episode of Monday Night RAW from the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio.

– John Cena and Kane will face each other in an individual combat. In the last episode, John Cena continued to incite The Undertaker to appear and accept his challenge facing Wrestlemania, but instead, Kane appeared. What motivated Kane to go out and attack John Cena?

– What is Matt Hardy’s next step? In “the Ultimate Deletion” he managed to defeat Bray Wyatt and introduced him to the “Lake of Reincarnation”. Will we see the “Eaden of Worlds” again or will it reappear with a new look?

– Braun Strowman needs a partner for Wrestlemania. If it were for him he will fight alone but Kurt Angle ordered him to find a partner to be able to fight for the tag team championship. And speaking of the titles, Cesaro succumbed to “The Monster Among Men” in the last episode. Will Strowman face Sheamus next week?

– Will Roman Reigns be 100% at Wrestlemania? Brock Lesnar took advantage of “The Big Dog” was arrested in the last episode to take advantage of his situation and beat him up. Also, will Roman Reigns still be suspended after appearing when it was forbidden? Both Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns have been locally announced to appear.

– What will Alexa Bliss do to retain the Raw women’s championship at Wrestlemania 34? Nia Jax will challenge the Raw women’s champion, Alexa Bliss. This decision was taken by Kurt Angle after the champion acted like a “thug” with her examine.

– Will Seth Rollins get a rematch match against Finn Bálor? Two weeks ago, he lost to “The Irishman” in an individual match. Both will fight in the triple threat for the Intercontinental Championship at Wrestlemania but they will want to take a moral advantage before that day arrives.

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