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WWE Monday Night Raw September 17, 2018 Preview

WWE Monday Night Raw September 17, 2018 Preview


WWE Monday Night Raw September 17, 2018 Preview

Image Credit: WWE

WWE Monday Night Raw September 17, 2018 Preview

USA Network will broadcast the WWE Raw episode number 1,320 program on Monday, September 17 to be held at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas.

– The Deadman returns to WWE RAW to answer Triple H. A series of increasingly personal attacks have wiped out all pretense of mutual respect between The Undertaker and Triple H as they prepare to fight for the last time at WWE Super Show-Down in Melbourne, Australia.

Last week seemed like the time for Triple H, who responded to The Deadman’s insults to Shawn Michaels by promising to “disappoint” him. Now, The Last Outlaw returns to Team Red to offer his rebuttal. Will this continue to be a war of words for now, or will things escalate to the physical?

– How will the return of Brock Lesnar affect the orbit of the Universal title? Brock Lesnar was told he could not have a rematch for the Universal Title in WWE’s Hell in a Cell, so he destroyed the cage on his own. The Conqueror kicked the door of the cell of his hinges and decimated the Universal Champion Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman, taking his fight for the title to a decision without an unprecedented winner.

While it’s hard to imagine that Strowman will not demand revenge, The Beast is clearly not going to let the championship race pass by. The Beast returns to Raw to demand his rematch again. And if he does, will the acting general manager, Baron Corbin, have the guts to reject him?

– Can someone be at the level of Ronda Rousey? Much more decisive was the end of the fight for the Women’s Championship of RAW, which saw Ronda Rousey hold emphatically against Alexa Bliss, despite an attack on the injured ribs of the champion who came dangerously close to a surprise defeat. While Rousey is firmly entrenched as a champion, The Goddess possibly provided a plan to fight Rousey, and the division is very open. Will a new challenge appear?

– Is the war between The Shield and The Dogs of War unfinished? While Braun Strowman may have failed to capture the Universal Title, his “Dogs of War” – Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre – retained the raw pair titles in a completely impressive way, retaining Dean Ambrose’s worldwide effort and Seth Rollins. Despite the persistent animosity between the “group” of Strowman and The Shield, will anyone stand up to challenge Ziggler & McIntyre?


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