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Natalya Says “With Charlotte Flair I would make an unstoppable team”

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Natalya Says “With Charlotte Flair I would make an unstoppable team”

Natalya Charlotte thfgh - Natalya Says "With Charlotte Flair I would make an unstoppable team"

Women’s department of WWE is serious. The higher the relevance of the event, the more it will be proved, but there are still a lot of things to compare with the masculine one.

There is a way. One of the most prestigious voices to analyze this situation is SmackDown champion Natalya before visiting Spain on the WWE tour and Madrid Show attending the press. Canadian wrestler pointed out the two ways you wanted, hoping that growth will continue: the championship with the Royal Rumble in pairs.Below are the highlights…

“Looking at the growth that the women’s division has had in recent times, a female Royal Rumble seems very possible to me and I would not mind being present , but I would like it to have Raw, SmackDown and NXT on it. has become the third brand and I would like more interaction with them, “said the champion in reference to a female Royal Rumble. In the other option, Natalya was surprised to announce which would be her favorite teammate to form a team and try a title in pairs.”

“With time I think you can work on something like that, it’s a possibility, right now each brand has about eight fighters, so I think that the roster should be expanded first, for me we need more partners to make a worthy title. If I had to select a partner … it sounds weird because she is my enemy, but I think Charlotte Flair and I would be an unstoppable team , “Natalya assured. The union would be a surprise, although unlikely at this time. Meanwhile, the female category continues to rise”


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