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Daniel Bryan Comments On His Status And On Possible Return To The Ring

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Daniel Bryan Comments On His Status And On Possible Return To The Ring

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Daniel Bryan commented on his health and the future last week in an interview with the program “Sirius MX Busted Open Radio” announced by Dave Lagreffa. Bryan points out that a test says he can not fight, he will not try to return to the quadrilaterals. below are the highlights..

“Most of the people who follow pro-wrestling or who know me know about my passion for pro-wrestling, but I also know that this is not the most important thing in my life, we have a baby who just turned 6 months old, So, she, my wife and my family are the most important things in my life, there are things that I have always thought about, is that if there is an exam that has made me say: ‘Hey, you are not healthy, you should not do this “I’m not going to do it, I do not want to put my family at risk, but all the tests I’m doing, they all say not only that I’m fine, but I ‘m better than anyone who’s never had a concussion.”

“That is the part that frustrates me. It also frustrates me that part that has nothing to do with how I am medically. I do not mean that it is something political, it is the situation around the commotions in these moments. Everything is full of fears, the means, all those things. If this had happened 10 years ago, for better or worse, I would have been returned to the rings. If I had spent 10 years in the future, it would be a different story, because they would have better tests, they are working on new tests and to better understand how the commotions act.”

“One of the things that makes my wife angry is my patience, but it’s something that has helped me in this matter. I get angry when I go to the ring, listening to people. A couple of weeks ago I did an interview with Sami Zayn in the ring and we could have fought and the people would have loved it, it would have been incredible. The same thing happened last year with The Miz, that real hatred between us, we could have given something special. Losing those little things is like: Oh, no, a part of me dies inside me, but then I look at the whole picture and say okay, this is my role for now and when September arrives (from 2018, when your contract ends ), one way or another, I will be fighting again or if the tests say I can not, then I will not . “

Brian also had many words indicating whether to continue within the company, and abandon working independently as it is rumored to the contrary. Bryan points out that there are not many opportunities to come back to WWE.

“It would be important if WWE gave me the go-ahead, I like to put things in percentages and according to my calculations there is an 85% chance that I will fight again.” My wife says that I have a 100% chance of returning, but that is not the case if I have a test that says… ‘Hey, you should not fight again’, I will not do so I say that there is a 85% chance to return I would say there is a 20% chance that WWE OK, it’s a small opportunity, but it’s not impossible, I know you want me to fight, but there are many things that must happen to make it come back.”

“I think something more complicated would be if WWE let me go back to fight full time, because then … my last year competing full time was 2013 and I had 227 fights. I do not want to do 227 fights. I do not want to get away from my baby for 227 days, adding travel days, it would be like 250 days. I do not want that for me. I think one of the things in an independent calendar is that it would be simpler, but I think WWE would also allow it if they gave me the go-ahead, they would leave me a lighter calendar and I would not have to work as hard as I did in 2013, when I was on both RAW and SmackDown shows. I think the guys now do less than 200 days a year, so that would be easier. “


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