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5 Controversial Decisions that Paige Could Take as General Manager of SmackDown Live

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5 Controversial Decisions that Paige Could Take as General Manager of SmackDown Live

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Credit: WWE

In the last article of WWE, there is a review of the 5 Controversial Decisions that Paige could take to WWE Smackdown Live after his arrival at the blue mark as general manager of the program.

5. Create the Women’s tag team championship

With so many obstacles that have already been overcome in the  Women’s Evolution, it is a natural inclination to begin to wonder what follows. In her new position as General Manager, Paige could be the creator of a new facet in the composition of the SmackDown division for women by presenting the tag team titles for the female partners. On SmackDown LIVE, there are natural duos like Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch, The IIconics and Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville. Think about it, those teams are not currently linked because of any great prize but simply because of personal relationships. If titles were added to the mix, the competitive landscape would intensify immediately because of what it would mean for the teams involved.

4. Bring back the Talking Smack program

WWE Network Talking Smack was the home of many of the most personal and fun moments of SmackDown LIVE. Offered regularly by Renee Young and Daniel Bryan, the post-show on SmackDown LIVE was the battleground for several tense exchanges between The Miz and The “Yes!” Man, passionate pleas from people like John Cena, Baron Corbin and more, as well as Rhyno, dressed infamously as Santa Claus. The WWE Universe was understandably disappointed when Talking Smack was canceled, but with Paige now in the lead, the moment seems right to get it back. Can you imagine Paige as a hostess, bringing out the best of the Blue Team Superstars in their most volatile form?

3. Allowing NXT stars to compete on SmackDown on some occasions

WWE NXT has taken the WWE Universe by surprise in recent years and fans of the brand in black and yellow immediately notice it every time the NXT superstars appear on SmackDown LIVE or Raw. But what happens if the talent of NXT that falls on Team Red or Team Blue becomes a more frequent practice? It would be fascinating to see Paige with an agreement between SmackDown LIVE and NXT so that people like Ricochet, Kairi Sane, Aleister Black and others appear in the blue mark in any week. Also, imagine if the agreement could work both ways and, suddenly, the SmackDown LIVE superstars were eligible to compete in WWE NXT. Can you imagine Daniel Bryan vs. Johnny Gargano?

2. A championship that defends itself every week

Paige will implement a championship that is required to defend every week on Tuesday night will be something that would capture the attention and imagination of the WWE Universe. With the competition so stacked on the blue mark, a title defended weekly would undoubtedly bring out the best in everyone involved as well as create more opportunities, both for the superstars themselves and for the WWE Universe to see the best action. possible.

1. Surprise WWE alumni returns

Who does not love a good return? Whether it’s the Royal Rumble, the night after WrestleMania or virtually any other time, every time a former WWE alumnus returns, the WWE Universe notices and gets excited about it. Paige now has the power to make more returns of this class on Tuesday nights. The impact of this type of decision would be twofold, of course, it would revitalize blue brand fans letting them know that everything is possible on any Tuesday. It would also increase the bets for each Superstar on SmackDown LIVE and they will realize that a new threat of title or rival could be around the corner at any time.


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