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Daniel Bryan Says He is a Fan of Aiden English’s Character

Smackdown LIVE

Daniel Bryan Says He is a Fan of Aiden English’s Character

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Edge and Christian Podcast In the E & C Awesomeness pod, Daniel Bryan talked about how he acquired fans in his inling competition. In the current climate of WWE, the wrestlers said they needed to do more to stand out in the remaining roster.

Bryan Said:

“Now, I think it’s going to be interesting to see what people come up with to stand out in WWE. Because it’s so hard to stand out with just your wrestling. You can’t stand out with just your wrestling anymore.”

As general manager of SmackDown Live, Bryan pointed out the wrestler in the prominent Smackdown roster. He said that Aiden English was successful with his Character.

“One of the people that really stands out to me as far as character and presentation is Aiden English on Smackdown. He goes out there and he sings.”

“great throwback way to get heel heat, something that you might have seen in the 80s.”

Bryan Also Said:

“The Bolsheviks would go out there and sing the Russian national anthem and everyone would hate it. Aiden English goes out there, he’s singing, everyone hates it, everyone hates him”

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