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With SmackDown Live on Fox, Will WWE Title regains its place of major title?

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With SmackDown Live on Fox, Will WWE Title regains its place of major title?

cvbfgfd45dfd - With SmackDown Live on Fox, Will WWE Title regains its place of major title?Formalized a few days ago, the show Smackdown Live will land on the channel of FOX in 2019. Said US channel has recovered the broadcast rights of the second major show of the WWE, currently under contract with USA Network until the end of next year. The Stamford officials signed a big deal with FOX executives who were even ready to buy the broadcast rights for Monday Night RAW. Although the episodes will remain live on television, they will air on Friday nights instead of Tuesday night.

When the blue show will land on its new channel next year, other major changes may be expected regarding Smackdown Live. Here is a list of things that could be changed with FOX:

– A passage from 2 hours to 3 hours of the show:

Currently, only the episodes of Monday Night RAW are broadcast with a format of three hours. With Smackdown Live being “less important” than WWE’s major program, only two hours are dedicated to Blue Show Superstars so they can shine. Although the FOX has set a time limit not to exceed (Smackdown Live will stop at ten pm maximum), it is not impossible that an extra hour will be added next year. The show led by Paige and Shane McMahon would be “equal” with the Monday night show.

The WWE Championship regains its place of major title
Regarding the main roster, the Universal title is considered the major championship within the WWE. Although it is not defended as regularly as other titles, the World Championship is placed in front of the WWE Championship held by AJ Styles as it corresponds to the WWE’s number one show, Monday Night RAW. With the money invested by FOX, it may be that the company decides to turn to the WWE title as the major championship of the federation.

A war of the hearings
Knowing that the two major WWE shows will be broadcast on two different channels, a war of ratings between RAW and Smackdown Live is more than possible. This spirit of competition could return next year forcing the Superstars of each roster to give their maximum to overcome those of the roster opponent. The principle of Pay-Per-View inter-brand would be possibly more interesting with a real rivalry at a distance between the red show and the blue show. From a financial point of view, the WWE could win a lot of money if the ratings were to increase with this “war” RAW vs Smackdown Live.


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