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WWE 365: Kevin Owens Special Gets A Big Audience

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WWE 365: Kevin Owens Special Gets A Big Audience

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After the Survivor Series, Vince McMahon’s company unveiled WWE 365 for the first time, WWE 365 is a very similar program to WWE 24, especially around fighter aircraft.

It was Kevin Owens that was elected for that premiere because it was rumored to focus on the battle at WrestleMania against the US title against Chris Jericho. In addition, it has recently been confirmed that Jinder Mahal will soon become the protagonist of this program.

Dave Meltzer, the final version of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, said that the premiere of “Kevin Owen’s 365” was a great success on the WWE network and won a great audience. This not only expands the trust that company creative has but it does more than just look at how the network’s own program gaining big popularity little by little.

Currently, in addition to WWE 24 and WWE 365, Ride Along is a program that accompanies wrestlers from one city in the car to another and is full of cameras and fans can see their lifestyle When broadcasted after Raw, they demonstrated that their favorite stars are more similar during traveling, sometimes outside the characters, or other people are more like looking at the character they are playing It is.

Earlier, we told that WWE 365 took the #2 number out of top 10 of the WWE network show on November 13.


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