🎬 The highly anticipated episode of WWE SmackDown that aired on Friday was quite the spectacle. It marked the return of John Cena, a legend in his own right, and featured an unexpected guest appearance by none other than Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

These two titans of wrestling certainly know how to put on a show. Their presence alone was enough to generate buzz and excitement among fans worldwide. However, their impact went beyond just creating hype; it had tangible results as well.

In comparison with the previous week’s ratings, there was a significant increase in viewership for this particular episode. WWE SmackDown saw its audience grow by 24%, drawing in approximately 2.445 million viewers compared to the preliminary number from last week which stood at around 1.969 million.

This surge can be attributed directly to both Cena’s comeback and The Rock’s surprise visit – proving once again that these iconic superstars still have what it takes to pull crowds and boost ratings even after all these years.

Moreover, they didn’t just come for appearances’ sake either; they were actively involved throughout the event. This active involvement further contributed towards making this one of most watched episodes recently.

John Cena is also set for Crown Jewel where he will continue showcasing his skills inside the ring much like old times – something many fans are eagerly looking forward to witnessing live or tuning into from home.

As if things weren’t exciting enough already with John Cena’s return and The Rock’s cameo, Triple H added another layer of intrigue to proceedings too!

While details regarding Triple H’s role remain under wraps so far – one thing is certain: His participation adds yet another reason why fans should not miss out on any upcoming episodes or events related WWE SmackDown moving forward because who knows what else might be in store?

All said done though – regardless what future holds – one cannot deny fact that having such big names back has indeed been a boon WWE SmackDown. It not only helped increase viewership significantly but also served as a reminder of the glory days when these legends ruled the roost.

In conclusion, it’s safe to say that this episode was a grand success in every sense of the word – from pulling crowds and boosting ratings to creating an electrifying atmosphere that left everyone wanting more. This is what wrestling entertainment is all about!


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