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WWE would be Preparing a Great offer for The Elite

WWE would be Preparing a Great offer for The Elite


WWE would be Preparing a Great offer for The Elite

The situation of The Elite right now could be summarized as follows:

Cody Rhodes has said he will not sign with WWE and his friends have not renewed any of the contracts with their current or former companies. Everything seems to indicate that this faction will reach an agreement with Vince McMahon. Despite the words of the fighter. Because it’s true that he’s always been honest but, would he really say he’s going to sign if that’s what he was thinking? Or would he remain silent knowing what he would imply then?

On the other hand, the arrival of big names such as the IWGP United States Champion or Kenny Omega would be really important now for the company due to the absence of Roman Reigns. They even mentioned both recently as two of the fighters that could be positioned as the face of the company. It seems unlikely, but there is no doubt that they would arrive to plant themselves in the star planes. For this reason, WWE would soon put all the meat on the spit.

Joe Peisich has advanced the following in the recent No Holds Barred from Barnburner:

“Cody Rhodes, The Young Bucks, Kenny Omega, will all be free agents in January. WWE does not plan to make a big offer to one of them, but to all, because of what happened with Roman Reigns. It’s an agreement for everyone to sign. “

First of all, we want to mention that while the journalist has contacts in the company, you have to take with your words. We can not confirm that what he says will happen. But, you will not really know what happens with these fighters until next year. Even so, everything that is coming to light, beyond the words of Cody, indicates that his future is in the company. We will see what more novelties arise in the coming months.


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