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12 Incredible Matches that We could Never see in a WrestleMania


12 Incredible Matches that We could Never see in a WrestleMania

12 Incredible Matches that We could Never see in a WrestleMania

Credit: WWE

Throughout these 33 years of the most important event of WWE, we have made numerous compilations of the best matches of its history, great moments lived, worse segments that have made us swallow … Everything is worth to remind us of better times.

Instead of reviewing what happened in the WrestleMania video library. I think your story can be analyzed in a different way. That is why, in this column, I will recommend 12 incredible matches that we could never see in the great event but in an annual event of the McMahon empire.

In order to clarify the content of this article, only include combats that have been held which are not contests of dreams. It is also necessary to remember that all the fights classified in this top were under the brand of WWE, nothing of WCW or ECW – that is, perhaps for another year. Finally, no edition of WrestleMania is suggested in which they should be because that is what I leave to your imagination.

12) Triple H Vs Stone Cold Steve Austin

Triple H was one of the biggest enemies at the end of the Stone Cold Steve Austin race. Although he had memorable encounters with The Rock and Bret Hart in the big event. it would have been interesting to see “The Rattlesnake” play a hardened duel before the Vince McMahon. A confrontation for the memory of both gladiators was the one that we saw in the PPV No Way Out of 2001, Austin and Helmsley were measured in a brutal combat Three Stages Of Hell (Three infernal platforms). The first fall was normal, the second was fought in a street fight and the third was decided inside the cage. How many of you would have given your console to see it at WrestleMania?

11) Kurt Angle vs. Shane McMahon

What would be the great event without the typical street fight in the cartel? That is just the nature of this contest between Kurt Angle and Shane McMahon, who fought a tremendous extreme showdown in the PPV King Of The Ring 2001. It may have been a mere filler, but both men gave their all to entertain the respectable. Do not you think we deserved to see how McMahon’s firstborn was crossing the stage windows at WrestleMania?

10)  Brock Lesnar vs Eddie Guerrero

We could not forget this authentic moment ago of the history of professional wrestling. The invincible Brock Lesnar put the WWE Championship in play against Eddie Guerrero in No Way Out 2004, but he only had his sights set on his rivalry with Goldberg. So much so, that the former WCW appeared to attack the then holder of the title and leave on a plate the coronation of Guerrero as the company’s maximum champion for the first time. Would not it have been great to see the Latino Heat take the gold in a WrestleMania?

9) The British Bulldog vs. Bret Hart

I could not miss on the list one of the best fights for the Intercontinental Championship in the history of WWE. To celebrate the first PPV of the company of Vince McMahon in British lands, SummerSlam 1992 had a stellar event according to the evening. The Canadian Bret Hart put the second belt in play against British Bulldog, the local hero of Wembley. The combat turned out to be spectacular and a very worthy finalization of a gray show. What if we had seen the Bulldog conquer his land under the WrestleMania sign?

8) The Undertaker vs. Mankind

We always think of the infernal cell of WWE the memory of Mick Foley comes to mind being thrown from the top of it. This iconic confrontation between Mankind the manifestation of the most psychotic personality of Foley and Undertaker shocked everyone present in the PPV King Of The Ring 1998. Foley never had the chance to break the historic Phenomenon Streak but imagine what would have happened if this moment ago had been issued during the WrestleMania celebration … Vince McMahon is given something!

7) CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan

During his inhospitable career in WWE, CM Punk never had the opportunity to star in the great event. Like many fans of “The Voice Without a Voice”, this fact saddens me as it had one of the longest-lived reigns in history. At least part of that trip should have been worth it like that great title race he and Daniel Bryan played in Over The Limit 2012. This fight would have been perfect for the new generation to culminate the takeover of the main cast. Would not you have liked to see it as the main event of a WrestleMania?

6) The Undertaker vs Stone Cold Steve Austin

At the beginning of the Attitude Era, ” The Rattlesnake ” and ” The Phenomenon ” forged an unusual rivalry in which they bleed each other and even conquered the gold. Probably the best match of both Superstars was the one held at SummerSlam 1998, an event in which they were stellar with the WWE Championship in play. Would not it have been great to see them beating up their lives at WrestleMania?

5) John Cena vs Daniel Bryan SummerSlam 2013

Good old John Cena has starred in the company’s great event on numerous occasions. On some occasions, the face of WWE has achieved that milestone, even being a WWE Champion, but never had the pleasure of sharing the stage with his brother Daniel Bryan. In the main event of SummerSlam 2013, both contenders fought a very special fight that marked a new stage in Bryan’s career within the company. Would not it have been great to see that title fight at WrestleMania? Of course, without Orton’s later trade.

4) Kurt Angle vs. Steve Austin SummerSlam 2001

With the Monday war already settled, WWE swam in his private ego pool. The year 2001 was not the best, nor the worst for the company. We saw one of the best WrestleMania in history but the promotion no longer had a pursuer and the intensity relaxed a lot. At that time, Stone Cold leader of The (unfortunate) Alliance put the WWE Championship into play against Kurt Angle – the American hero of the company -. They gave a great show at SummerSlam 2001, but the action ended in a disappointing disqualification. However, the Unforgiven bout where Angle is crowned Champion deserves to have been part of some WrestleMania, do not you think it would have been a moment ago?

3) Kurt Angle vs The Undertaker WrestleMania XXX

Especially in the case of this war, because it was meant to be programmed into the great event of 2006. In fact, the Olympic medalist could have defended the Heavyweight Championship against then-undefeated Undertaker eight years before Brock Lesnar broke the Streak in WrestleMania XXX. However, the plans were discarded and the fight ended up being held in No Way Out. Although we saw the coronation of Rey Mysterio in return, we pulled our hair for not having been able to witness this great performance at WrestleMania 22. Would they have wanted to see him in the great event, connoisseurs?

2) Triple h vs Shawn Michaels

The career of the great Shawn Michaels hit a dramatic turn in 1998 when he had to step away from the business with a serious back injury. With this unfortunate mishap, Triple H had to take over D-Generation X, married Stephanie McMahon and dug her way into the main event. HBK returned in 2002, after 18 months of absence on television, as a member of the reformed NWO. This new stage of his career did not last long and Helmsley attacked his friend treacherously. Michaels came out of a dangerous injury, but the courage was more than the reason and both men collided in an extreme street fight, held in Summerslam 2002.What would you have thought to see this tremendous contest at WrestleMania

1)  John Cena vs. CM Punk

Imagine for a moment that a WrestleMania held in Chicago would have had this incredible stellar event between CM Punk and John Cena for the WWE Championship. This fight was not only one of the best valued by fans and critics, but it meant a risky bet on the part of the company to raise Punk to the position of the face of the company. Dave Meltzer rated this show with five stars, the first time the renowned critic gave this score to a WWE match in fourteen years. The truth is that everything in the main event of Money In The Bank 2011 was fluid and the story has almost become a best-seller: The challenger defeats the champion in front of the owner and leaves with the title without having the renewed contract. Do you think it would have been great to have seen it at WrestleMania?


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