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Chris Jericho On Going From WWE to NJPW, On His Recent Attack on Kenny Omega


Chris Jericho On Going From WWE to NJPW, On His Recent Attack on Kenny Omega

d45j26C - Chris Jericho On Going From WWE to NJPW, On His Recent Attack on Kenny OmegaChris Jericho recently invited as a guest on Podcast Killing The Town and where he talked about his fight against Kenny Omega and going from WWE to NJPW. Below are the highlights…


On his recent attack on Kenny Omega: “What I like most is that at this point in 2017 you can create a popular rivalry without anyone knowing it before, and it all started in November, with the video that left everyone saying” oh my God, it’s Chris Jericho and goes for Kenny Omega, “so the last night the video was shown and Chris Jericho showed up, and there was something big for the business, everyone was surprised, but my question is this: Did you really think that Chris Jericho would agree to a match at the Tokyo Dome and simply be presented as if it were Brock Lesnar, he had to do something to make people feel excited about it, so he had to show up and make sure no one knew what was going on.

For me, this is what this business is about, to do something that nobody is able to see coming. In wrestling , fans always believe they know everything that happens, and that did not happen that night. And for me, that was the most exciting thing. And right now, my fight against Kenny Omega is the most anticipated combat on the planet. And I would like you to tell me a fight that means more in 2018.”


On going from WWE to NJPW: “I think I have the responsibility to make aficonados enjoy Chris Jericho, to make them always speculating, and that’s why the idea of Chris Jericho vs. Kenny Omega has triumphed, because nobody believed would happen. I liken it to Mayweather against McGregor, even though they are obviously not at the same level, the fact is that nobody thought I would see him, and that’s why I love my fight with Omega Imagine presenting the fight in June or July saying ‘Hey Chris, What do you think about this, Jericho against Omega? ‘, But I did not laugh, I thought it was a fight that nobody thought would happen and that intrigued me, and I could retire now, I do not fight unless something catches my attention , and Jericho against Omega in Tokyo Dome called my attention. If it had been at WrestleMania it would have been fine, but this is better, it’s in the magical world of Japan.

Actually, nobody knows exactly what this is all about, and no one thought what would happen, so the fact of doing it, receiving promotion and showing the video is crazy. Great. The match is done, Tokyo Dome, January 4, Alpha against Omega. But the other night we took it to new levels, because for me it adds more intrigue to Jericho against Omega, and that’s what I love. Nobody thought what would happen, nobody saw it coming, and now it’s going to happen. It overshadows any other option of any company in the world.


When this started in November my idea was to put a video and launch a challenge, but then they put on the table something better, the most elementary of the segments in the wrestling . Another video, the lights go out, the lights go on and there’s Jericho, and we did something I had not seen in ten years because in WWE we can not do it anymore, blood is no longer allowed, but anyone in this business knows that when blood appears, takes things to another level, because we are no longer allowed to do so, so take things to another universe. And seeing the blood was one of the best moments of my career in the last ten years, because it was real and it adds drama, and in the world I come from they do not let us do that. The other night I was in a segment that meant a lot of money and it’s a great feeling.”


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