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Austin Aries is Crowned New Defiant Wrestling Champion


Austin Aries is Crowned New Defiant Wrestling Champion

Austin Aries gjghfghhh - Austin Aries is Crowned New Defiant Wrestling ChampionTonight, on the first episode of Defiant Wrestling’s new weekly show, broadcast on his YouTube channel. Austin Aries has defeated Marty Scurll and is shining a new champion. Therefore, after departing in 2017 from WWE in July of this year Aries gets his first big victory at his second stage as an independent fighter.

Originally former champion Marty Scurll was planning to face Martin Kirby, Austin Aries attacked the challenger during his entry and disabled his fight. Next, Aries picked up a microphone, he said that if he was a good man he would compete with him for the championship. Given this situation, General Manager Stu Benett had prepared Aries to leave the ring but organized a new battle at the request of Marty Scurll himself.

At the last moment of the title match, the referee was temporarily blinded after receiving a Talc attack targeting Austin Aries. During this situation, Marty Scurll surrendered Aries to Crossface Chickenwing, but the referee did not see him. Utilizing the situation, Aries applied the last Chancery, hit Scurll with his characteristic umbrella to achieve Scurll’s surrender, and crowned as Defiant Wrestling’s champion.

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