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13 Years History of Money in the Bank


13 Years History of Money in the Bank

13 Years History of Money in the Bank

The creation of the fight for the Money in The Bank case goes back to 2005, being designed by Chris Jericho and consolidated by Erick Bischoff in the same year. The debut of this fight took place in WrestleMania 21. the inaugural participants were Christian, Kane, Chris Benoit, Shelton Benjamin, Edge and Jericho, the match lasted 15:17 minutes, resulting in the winner “The Rated-R Superstar”(Edge).

The fight remained in “the showcase of the immortals” for six editions resulting from winners Edge (2005), RVD (2006), Mr. Kennedy (2007), CM Punk (2008 and 2009) and Jack Swagger (2010), the latter was the conclusive winner in the editions held at WrestleMania.

After five years of testing, WWE saw great expectations but above all gains turning this magnificent fight into a PPV event. Money in The Bank PPV was held on July 18, 2010, celebrated after just over 100 days since its last edition at WrestleMania.

As a private event, thirteen suitcases have been disputed so far, highlighting 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 editions in which two suitcases were in play, one per brand. On the part of Raw, they were winners: The Miz (2010), Alberto del Rio (2011), John Cena (2012) and Randy Orton (2013). While the blue brand winners were: Kane (2010), Daniel Bryan (2011), Dolph Ziggler (2012) and Damien Sandow (2013).

As of the 2014 contest only one briefcase was held, resulting in winners Seth Rollins (2014), Sheamus (2015), Dean Ambrose (2016) and Baron Corbin (2017). It should be noted that in the 2017 edition, the debut of the first ever Women’s Money in The Bank was made, resulting in the winner Carmella.

Kane is the fighter with more participation in Money in the Bank history (6). The fight that more participants have had is the edition of WrestleMania 26 with ten participants. On the other hand, the least number of participants was the edition of Money in The Bank 2012 (Raw) and Money in The Bank Femenil, with only five.

The fastest trade in history was Kane who swapped it on the same night defeating Rey Mysterio and winning the World Heavyweight Championship. Meanwhile, the longest trade was the Edge making it effective 280 days later against John Cena in the New Years Revolution event and become WWE Champion.

The longest fight was the edition of the Money in The Bank men’s 2017 with 29:50 minutes. On the other hand, the contest held at WrestleMania 22 was the shortest time with a duration of 12:21 minutes.

The target of the exchange of the Briefcase was the World Heavyweight Championship managing to change hands six times, five of them consecutively (2007-2010).

The failed exchanges have been four times, Mr. Kennedy which lost his briefcase in the Raw of May 7, 2007, against Edge. John Cena in the 1000th episode of Raw, Damien Sandow in the Raw of October 20, 2013, and Baron Corbin in the SmackDown live on August 15, 2017.

Finally, Rob Van Dam is the only fighter to exchange the briefcase for a head-to-head chance to emerge victoriously this happening at ECW One Night Stand 2006, beating John Cena and winning the WWE Championship.


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