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Former Wrestler Rubén “Pato” Soria Dies at 75 Years of Age


Former Wrestler Rubén “Pato” Soria Dies at 75 Years of Age

Pato fdsd - Former Wrestler Rubén "Pato" Soria Dies at 75 Years of AgeThe world of wrestling in Mexico also expresses condolences this weekend. On December 15, 2017, former wrestler Rubén “Pato” Soria died at the age of 75 after fell into the fight against cancer.

The news was announced by his son “José Luis Jair Soria” Shocker (wrestler), on the official Facebook account. Soria’s condition was known several months ago after hospitalization for severe pain on the back and tumor was detected in the backbone.

Soria is remembered as one of the most respected wrestling figures in the Guadalajara region. Being one of the few wrestlers trained by legendary Diablo Velasco, Soria became the face of the Wrestling World Company (now CMLL) from the 1960s to 1970s. He married a popular Mexican regional singer Sanjuana “La Reyna de Los Palenques,” and he had a son José Luis Jair Soria, Shocker.

Pato retires at the age of 70 during a tour in the US. Since then, he has been sporadically appearing with his son at CMLL and AAA Worldwide Wrestling (AAA). Later he decided to take on the role of coach and staff of Arena Coliseo de Guadalajara until he abandoned his role.

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