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Rich Swann Could Not Be Fired From WWE


Rich Swann Could Not Be Fired From WWE

Rich Swann Could Not Be Fired From WWE
Rich Swann and his wife, Vannah Riggs (known in the world of wrestling as Su Yung), have apparently decided to forget what happened between them a few weeks ago. Riggs would have decided not to sue his partner and not testify against him. According to close relatives of the couple, both would be living together normally.

A week after his arrestment, Riggs posted an old photo with Swann on his personal Facebook account. Even though her account has been deactivated, she commented that she could not be more impatient to be with her husband again.

Swann is still suspended indefinitely by WWE because of his arrest and would be fired if he is found guilty of the charges for which he is arrested – false kidnapping and minor assault.

According to the police report, Swann criticized his wife while both were in the car back home. The reason for the criticism was a fight she had in an independent show, which apparently was not to Swann’s liking. Riggs tried to escape from the car because she was scared by Swann’s casual temperament, but he forced her to stay with him by trapping her partner in a headlock.

If it is true that Swann’s wife simply wants to forget the incident and that the waters return to their course, it is more than likely that he will not testify against him at the hearing, thus not risking his job in WWE.


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