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Shawn Michaels Reflects On What Happened At The Montreal Screwjob


Shawn Michaels Reflects On What Happened At The Montreal Screwjob

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In an Interview with ESPN, Shawn Michaels openly talks about what happened in the fight against Bret Hart in the 1997 Survivor Series and confesses what influence he had in his career.

On About if he knew what they were going to do to Bret Hart:

“The truth, that day I faced what was possibly the most uncomfortable situation I have experienced in my entire career … When the date in question came, the decision was already made, what had not been decided yet was how it was going to to be carried out, and it was not decided until Bret and I sat down to talk about the fight, before the show . In fact, nobody could start working until we had that conversation, and I assure you that the situation was very uncomfortable: knowing what I knew, hearing the comments of others about what they were supposed to happen and becoming whoever orchestrated it all…”

“Making a decision like this is something very serious, and being the person who materializes it, too, especially because you do not know what will become of you later. Even if you’re the one that comes out victorious, it’s going to be the worst thing that can happen to you … and, from a professional point of view and your reputation as a wrestler, even though at that time I was not the most popular, I assure you it was a disgust of the day…”

On About if he was aware of the possible consequences: 

“When you get into something like that, you know there are going to be consequences : you may have to get out of the building with blows, or get into some fights … or who knows. Honestly, it would have been much easier to be able to openly say “yes, I knew what was happening, and I still did” because, at least, things had been clear and, what had to happen, would have happened there and in that moment.”

On How those consequences affect you today: 

“Personally, what affected me most was that that day erased all the years that I had been trustworthy, and I believe that this not only applies to me, but to all of us who were involved. During my 25-year career, I can assure you that I enjoyed each and every one of the days I climbed into that ring and, as I said before, the Montreal Screwjob was, by far, the worst I remember. That day I matured more than in the rest of those 25 years in the ring … and I insist, no matter how many laps you give, nothing prepares you for the magnitude of that moment , or for what comes next ».


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