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Jimmy Jacobs Talks About Different Topics, From His Work In WWE and More


Jimmy Jacobs Talks About Different Topics, From His Work In WWE and More

Jimmy Jacobs fdfdgdg - Jimmy Jacobs Talks About Different Topics, From His Work In WWE and More

In an interview with Sports Illustrated. Jimmy Jacobs has talked about his career in WWE and his departure, about his relationship with some fighters and about his future in Impact Wrestling. below are the highlights..

On What has changed regarding his past:

“Before, life was a struggle, it was Jimmy Jacobs against the world, I had to fight for everything, now it’s Jimmy Jacobs with the world, right now I’m happier than ever .”

On his work on the promos between Dolph Ziggler and The Miz during his rivacy at the end of 2016 :

“There was a promo in Cleveland, Ohio, with Miz and Dolph Ziggler, and Dolph said he was going to put his career in. Some days your ideas go through the filter, others do not , but this was one of those times when my ideas went ahead and worked, I do not want to say that a lot of people were against me, but many did not think that segment would work.Different people thought that the way I had proposed it was not the right one. “

On John Cena and his criticisms of the promo between Ziggler and Miz:

“John Cena has always been great with me, John saw that he had a passion, so he always visited me, he asked me what I was going to do that day in Cleveland, so I told him, he said: ‘Well, we’ll see how that works ‘

“He was totally skeptical , saying basically: ‘I do not think that’s going to work’. And I’m not attacking Cena, John was great. I love John Cena. But with the way he planned it, we were not going to direct the boos to The Miz or Dolph saying at the end: ‘I’m going to kick your ass!’ We were dropping the gravity of Dolph putting his career on the line. John told me: ‘We are in a booing or cheering business. You should leave them at the end either cheering on Dolph Ziggler or booing The Miz. ‘ So I said, ‘Well, this will be broadcast in four minutes, so we’ll see.”

“John saw it from Gorilla Position (area after racks prior to entry). After that he told me: ‘I was skeptical, but that was a success . I’ve felt that. ‘ I was very proud of it. “

On his current status and your WWE exit:

” I’m in the best physical and mental moment of my life, right now I’m known after leaving WWE and I know that’s going to happen, I have to have fun and find myself, being on the other side and working for WWE has its good things And now I can appreciate the freedom to be an independent fighter again.’

“There are many things that I have learned working for WWE and Vince McMahon. I do not agree with everything he does or says, but there are great things that should change And the truth is that when I put the photo of the selfie, at first nobody cared in the least . He had to fire me WWE so that people would care. And if you’re going to be fired, being in a story with the most important group outside of WWE was a good way to do it (referring to your picture with members of the Bullet Club). “

On WWE’s move to send Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn to the United States during the European tour :

“Nothing Vince does is surprising, it’s normal for him, but the fact is, whatever happened, it was a misunderstanding, I know these guys, I know they’re not the type to say, ‘Oh, no , We’re not going to do that! ‘ They are not selfish in the middle of the ring, almost nobody does that, whatever happened was a misunderstanding, that’s all. “

On his professional future: 

“Impact was a lot of fun when I was there a couple of weeks ago, my future is not written yet, and after being tied to a contract for two and a half years, it’s good to be able to breathe fresh air, I’ll be my own boss, I’ll go Wherever, where I’m rewarded and where people like to have me around.

You will see what happens with my character, whether in terms of history, company or ability. I hope to be a relief in people’s lives and not a burden. We hope to do several things that people like, to see me, and I’ll take them as far as I can. “

On The best fighter today:

“If I have to choose someone like that all of a sudden, for everyone who knows what happens in pro-wrestling, it’s Joey Mercury, it’s a crime like now that there are not more people who hire him for his shows, I do not know why Impact he was interested in him rather than me, he was producing and organizing shows to the highest possible level, he was a trainer at NXT, a live talent and he produced segments after that, he is the smartest person I know in pro-wrestling and I have I learned almost everything from him, if I had to start a company, he would be the first one I would tell. “

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