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3MB will Meet at WWE Next Week

3MB will Meet at WWE Next Week

Yesterday afternoon we were surprised by the welcome news of the return of Evolution to WWE screens. Since 2005, after its bankruptcy, we did not see this faction in full, and the episode 1000 of SmackDown (October 16) will house event size. Although there was another meeting announced by the McMahon product. Next week, 3MB will rock again.

Although not on a ring, but for the program Table For 3 of WWE Network.

Those interested should tune in to the online platform on Monday after the Raw edition. A new episode of this original series which since its premiere three years ago, has brought together highly relevant personalities. The first chapter, for example, sat Roddy Piper, Gene Okerlund and Paul Orndorff at the same table. Or a more recent meeting between Ric Flair, Sting and Kurt Angle.

It looks very interesting to see the evolution of Slater, McIntyre, and Mahal. Because of more than four years ago the disintegration of the alliance which does not break. Back in June 2014, the last two were dismissed and this was the only reason for the lack of continuity.

However, thanks to that circumstance, Slater starred in a brief solo thrust which ultimately led to a teaming with Rhyno. Both managed to appear in the history books as the first SmackDown Tag Team Champions.

3MB were basically a pair of defeats during their journey. But, despite acting as tough, they managed to connect with the public, generating good reactions. Curious that the least talented of the trio, Mahal was the only one so far to hold a world championship. In fact, the biggest WWE title. And who promises more a priori in his debut, McIntyre, recorded as the least gold has within the main roster.

Will it mean a new Luchistic adventure? For Slater and Mahal, it will certainly be welcome news. But of course, the problem lies in McIntyre. “The Scottish Psychopath” already occupies star positions thanks to his union with Dolph Ziggler and Braun Strowman. And aims to occupy them alone sooner rather than later. Thus, at the moment his followers will have to settle for meetings of this nature, like the one that took place a couple of months ago in PPV WWE Playback.


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