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4 WWE Championships That Share a Name But No History


4 WWE Championships That Share a Name But No History

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On Wednesday, March 7, during the taping of the last NXT shows before WrestleMania 34, NXT General Manager William Regal announced the creation of the North American Championship whose first champion was crowned in a six-person ladder fight at  NXT Takeover: New Orleans.

However, this half-poster championship exclusively for fighters of the yellow mark is the fourth active title of the McMahon Family company that shares its name with another title that existed in the company but that does not share the same story.

1- North American Championship

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WWF created this title in 1979 and was active for two years, one month and 10 days, in which, in its first year, it had three belt bearers.

The first champion was Ted Dibiase who at the time of signing with the WWWF, was awarded the title at a live event in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Four months and six days later and in the same city (and perhaps with the same people), Pat Patterson defeated Dibiase and be the second North American champion and later the first Intercontinental Champion.

The third and last North American champion was the Japanese Seiji Sakaguchi when defeating Patterson on November 8, 1979, in Hokkaidō, Japan. On April 23, 1981, the WWF decided to abandon the championship.

2- United States Championship

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Before the North American title existed, the then WWWF created the United States Championship before the National Wrestling Alliance created the American title that we all know.

The American title WWWF was created in the year of 1963 and had its end in the year 1976 being Bobo Brazil the first, last and the most winner of this belt with seven reigns. Two other names that stand out in the history of the title are The Sheik and Pedro Morales.

WWE Championship and the United States Championship, so he can also be named Grand Slam Champion under the current format. However, the difference between the championships was raised at the beginning of this point since the US title held by Brazil, The Sheik and Morales was a title under the seal of WWE and did not have its origin in another company.

As for the current US title, it is the only living championship of the extinct WCW and the only one that NWA has not claimed to be returned as it was in the case of TNA that returned the world title and that of tag team after a lawsuit, since WWE has title rights after the purchase of WCW.

3- Cruiserweight Championship

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the Cruiserweight Championship as one of the favorite titles that should come back and whose return was a year and a half ago in the Cruiserweight final Classic. But what makes the current purple belt different (and “damn”), is based on two important points:

The current cruiserweight championship is typical of WWE since the old cruiserweight championship had its origin in WCW being one of the biggest attractions of the extinct company of Atlanta, Georgia.
7 kilos is the difference between these titles since in the title that Rey Mysterio, Matt Hardy, Chavo Guerrero, had his limit was 220 pounds (99.79 kilograms).

4- Women’s Championship

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Four days before WrestleMania 32, it was announced that the WWE Women’s Championship will return as the top prize for the fight that starred Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks and the last Divas Champion, Charlotte Flair that ultimately was the winner with a controversial result.

And during the WrestleMania Kickoff, Lita was in charge of presenting the new women’s title where one of the details that many fans noticed was the phrase “The first WWE Women’s Champion” being that she was four times carrier of the old women’s title.

The current Raw Women’s Championship has the same similarity as the cruiserweight title since the origin of the old championship was during the reign of The Fabulous Moolah which sold the rights to Vince McMahon in 1985.


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