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5 Possible Returns to WWE in 2018


5 Possible Returns to WWE in 2018

WWE uploaded a video titled “5 Superstars we want to see return in 2018” on the official Youtube channel. In this video, wrestlers that can come back to the company are reviewed.

One year after experiencing an impressive return like Kurt Angle, Hardy Boyz, The Great Khali, Paige, or Shelton Benjamin, the WWE wanted to analyze the return of potential stars of next year.

Does Ray Mysterio return to WWE in 2018?

The WWE universe that we have grown, especially the Latino people, misses a small mask rider that felt us to think that nothing is impossible if you think about it. On several occasions he became the WCW and WWE cruiserweight champion, won the Royal Rumble Match and the World Heavyweight Champion.

With the division of the resurrected cruise weight, Ray Mysterio will become the protagonist of the program. In addition, RAW and SmackDown Live will fight to inherit the world’s most popular masquerade service.



Goldberg is another star of the video. After leaving after a wonderful rival with Brock Lesnar, WWE believes his return will revive the battle of this series again. As he said at the time of parting, no one knows who knows the next thing. In the royal rumble going around the corner, his return is a wonderful choice.


Kharma (Kia Stevens)

Kharma is undoubtedly one of the most difficult pieces to defeat in the updated female department. In his previous stage of WWE, fear budded before Divas, but now things are more balanced. Either a combatant like Nia Jax or one of the four Horsewomen will face Awesome Kong. As he comes back, it will not be as easy as crushing Layla. It would be interesting to see her as Abigail sister.



Mercury, Nitro, Melina was definitely the best star in the couple division for over four years. The relationship between Johnny Nitro and Melina has been over a while ago, so it is probably WWE’s plausible case to go back to see them and act together. Currently, wrestlers are a couple of Canada’s Taya and traveling from Orlando to Mexico City leaves more free time than they have on WWE.


The Batista Animal

In order to complete the video, WWE analyzes the possible return of Batista. A fighter who gave up WWE after a bad driving and said much more still. The way to go was not the most elegant, so watching him at the Royal Rumble would be a good alternative.

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