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5 Reasons Why WWE Does Not Need Brock Lesnar


5 Reasons Why WWE Does Not Need Brock Lesnar

After the celebration of Wrestlemania 34, WWE was able to go outside the company, but does Vince McMahon need Brock Lesnar? Anyway Wrestling Observer reports: While there is a contradictory report on the termination of “the beast” contract with WWE:

“Brock Lesnar’s contract with WWE is over after the Wrestlemania 34 celebration but it is expected that, except surprise, it will renew without problems. To be exact, the contract ends in the Raw post-Wrestlemania and if it does not come to renew it includes some loose dates until August 2018. “

5 Reasons Why WWE Does Not Need Brock Lesnar:

Full-time talent can carry weight on shoulders: When you search easily on Google, you can see that the wrestler selling the most products at WWE is Roman Reigns, followed by Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins. Kevin Owens and AJ Styles are also the first Nakamura, Finn Balor and The New Day to enter “Top 10”. Brock Lesnar has no numbers.why?

The mark above the fighter: No fighter is above the Undertaker. Records of WWE are recorded after each Wrestlemania’s record, with a final gain of 195 million, the mark does not appear to be subdivided by a single fighter shortage.

The birth of “new monster”: Samoa Joe and Broun Strowman guarantee the future of the brand with WWE’s “new monster”. Strowman is most wanted on Youtube and Samoe Joe is also in “Top 10”.

The lack of dreamed combat is lowering its cache: It’s obvious, but universal champions do not have rivals. Raw’s audience falls every week and the number of WWE Netowrk is fighting big with Samoa Joe, Brown Strawman or AJ Styles, but can not end either takeoff. In recent years, Lesnar also faces John Cena, Reigns, Undertaker, Triple H, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, Goldberg. What is left?

Your salary: In 2016, it was the second most excellent company after John Cena. WWE gained $ 27.8 million in the third quarter, but had to reduce network fireworks, talent and programs.



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