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5 Star Wrestling Announces its Closure


5 Star Wrestling Announces its Closure

5 Star Wrestling Announces its Closure

5 Star Wrestling has announced through Twitter its end as a professional wrestling company. After months of uncertainty about the direction, the company will take. today they have made the following publication:

“It is with great sadness that we announce that there will be no more 5 Star Wrestling events.

Fans need to contact their point of purchase for refunds. Pro Wrestling UK Ltd, the company running the events has been shut down. We’re sorry to all involved.”

— #5StarWrestling (@5StarWrestling) March 20, 2018

In addition, company founder Daniel Hinkles issued a statement through the official 5 Star Wrestling Facebook page which stated: “Last night at 4 pm, Jason informed me that he would close the wrestling company and that all future shows They would be canceled by 8 pm, he and I put a plan in motion to continue … That plan has stayed on the road so here we are … “. Hours later it would be revealed that the company would cease to exist.

5 Star Wrestling began in September of 2015, where they announced to the surprise of many shows in which they will have great names such as AJ Styles, Rey Mysterio, and Johnny Mundo. The company began to stand out when holding an event in prime time (20:00 – 22:00) on the Channel 5 and Spike TV channels.

In addition, they were screened to hold a wrestling tournament in which 128 fighters will compete including stars such as Rob Van Dam. They were also in the eye of the press when they tried to get CM Punk back into the ring by offering him a sum of 1 million dollars. 5 Star Wrestling used to reserve stadiums for 2,500 people but it was almost always repeated the fact that they could not sell 1000 tickets at least in any of their shows.


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