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5 WWE talents that did not triumph in NXT but in the Main Roster


5 WWE talents that did not triumph in NXT but in the Main Roster

[tps_header][/tps_header]5 Talents t5 WWE talents that did not triumph in NXT but in the Main Rosterhat Did Not Triumph in NXT But in WWE

There is always the fear that when an international star arrives at WWE against all the aspirations of the gladiators, his ascent will be truncated on the floor McMahon, doing more harm than good to his career. NXT serves to continue in the same line in which emerging talent whether independent or from the land of the sun, came from and whose purpose is the adaptation but things get complicated later.

Fear, on the other hand, appears at the moment of presenting itself in the main roster. Because you are a consolidated megastar or a stranger in the eyes of the followers, Vince McMahon will leave your CV aside and evaluate your performance from the minute of one of your arrival onwards, dropping what has been achieved previously. This does not have to be negative, as there have been cases in which fighters exceeded expectations and ended up being much more precious material than they were originally estimated (AJ Styles, Daniel Bryan, Samoa Joe, Nakamura).

Although, also, we can not ignore the fact that the number of Superstars that could not adapt to the transition from one brand to the other is not minor, this being the source of all concern among fans. That said, it should be considered that the current main roster, most names ever acted under the territory of Triple H and if we do the counts, more fighters have triumphed compared who have failed. Of course, some went down a step in their status once in the “major leagues” but you can not expect everyone to occupy star positions.

Finally, there are those cases of young people who do the reverse of the typical failed to stand out in the NXT but against all odds, they became important stars under the orders of McMahon whether in Raw or on SmackDown. Being these counted with one hand (literally), we thought it would be worth reviewing them one by one and try to explain the reason for this anomaly.


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