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5 Things You Did Not Know About Alexa Bliss (video), Carmella Says: “The fans are never happy with anything”


5 Things You Did Not Know About Alexa Bliss (video), Carmella Says: “The fans are never happy with anything”

There are five things about The Goddess you did not know.

Carmella recently spoke with Uproxx and talks about various topics. In addition to criticizing fans, he also talked about his promotion process to the main roster, the separation of Enzo and Cas, and the fight between Becky Lynch and James Ellsworth:

On the general discontent when he won the first Money in the Bank: “God, I do not know what the fans want. They are never happy with anything. I was able to win it the first time like I won it in the second and they would have continued criticizing me and talking . Personally I love it, I love controversy and I never do small things, always in a big way. After all, it’s about people talking, talking about the PPV, talking about the fight and talking about you.”

On His separation from Enzo and Cass: Smackdown was a unique opportunity and it seems that everything I did in NXT was erased with my promotion to the main roster. I’ve been manager almost all my career and I do not have as many fights behind my back as I can have any other, maybe 10 or so on TV and I do not think people know, so being the last draft option I do not think people expect a lot from me. I love that, people underestimate me and expect nothing from me, so I love to prove they’re wrong. I’m the only Money in the Bank champion (2 times) and it’s a matter of time before I get into history. I will strive because I think I have a lot to offer the division.”

On the battle between Becky Lynch and James Ellsworth: I think he saw himself coming for a long time. I thought it would happen after the “Ladder Match”, but sometimes things do not happen as you think and I love WWE. It was good to see a woman against a man because that is not often seen often. I think it was an incredible opportunity for Becky and it was an entertaining segment.”

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