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5 WWE Superstars Who Defeated The Undertaker in a Coffing Match


5 WWE Superstars Who Defeated The Undertaker in a Coffing Match

Of all the stipulations of WWE, the combat of coffins may be the most rugged because the fight is to put your opponent in the coffin and lock him in it. Before facing Rusev with this stipulation mid-morning at the Greatest Royal Rumble, Undertaker has won 11 times in this type of combat, but there is also one time when he has been relegated to the darkness of the coffin. These are the 5 superstars who have defeated the Undertaker.

In the 1994 Royal Rumble Undertaker had the difficult task of putting the giant Yokozuna, weighing almost 300 kilos inside a coffin but the night was twisted when he also had to face all the villains that were on the roster at the time. It took ten superstars attacking Taker with treachery to put him in and close the coffin and I can not even enclose the spirit of Undertaker.

The Intercontinental title escaped to Undertaker in “In your house: Beware of the dog”, 1996 edition when in a fight against Goldust, then the champion when he had the fight won Mankind appeared from inside the coffin to prevent Taker from crown and lock him inside the golden structure but when the referee after the battle opened the coffin Undertaker had vanished.

10 months later and during a televised event at Madison Square Garden, Mankind again surprised “The Undertaker” in the same way when he opened the coffin to put Vader, Mankind left the same for Vader to take the victory, although that night it was Mankind himself who left the stadium in the coffin.

The Undertaker won the title in a brutal battle inside the infernal cell before Shawn Michaels but this rivalry gave much more as it ended in a coffins match at Royal Rumble 1998 and with the interruption of Kane in favor of Michaels. the Undertaker ended that night inside the coffin with an ax and wrapped in fire.

The Orton family was also a scourge for Undertaker’s choices in 2005 when both Cowboy Bob Orton and his son Randy met in a battle with “The Phenom” and made him give up by unloading a fire extinguisher on Taker before catching him in the coffin and to set it on fire, but they did not expect that Undertaker would return 2 months later seeking revenge on Survivor Series.

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