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5 WWE Superstars Who Should be Champions in 2018


5 WWE Superstars Who Should be Champions in 2018


5. Carmella

5 WWE Superstars Who Should be Champions in 2018The current owner of the first Money in the Bank briefcase of the WWE women’s division, in this case, Smackdown, has not yet exchanged the briefcase and it is almost certain that it should be exchanged successfully after the ridicule made by the company with the male bag of Baron Corbin.

Also, if Charlotte starts a rivalry with Ronda Rousey, the importance of the rivalry makes the belt less important, and that would give Carmella the chance to be a champion face as she is now and face some of the components of The Riott Squad in a rivalry for the title.


4- Bobby Roode

5 WWE Superstars Who Should be Champions in 2018

The last one to reach the Smackdown roster and maybe one of the ones with the most options to get a title soon. Roode with a very bright past in NXT where he was champion, is now having the first opportunity to win a title like the United States, first in a triple threat where Ziggler won and now in the tournament to be crowned new champion, where he is one of the top favorites.

Whether this time or not, the fact is that it is certain that Bobby Roode will have a starting chance in 2018 and whether it is with the United States, we will see him as a champion in the company. Nor should we rule out an option to the WWE Title, but that seems more feasible at the end of the year.


3- Samoa Joe

5 5 WWE Superstars Who Should be Champions in 2018Fighters who Should be Champions in 2018

Samoa Joe is another fighter with a magnificent past in NXT where he was three times absolute champion of the company before making the leap to the RAW roster last January 2017. Since then Samoa Joe has been involved in very interesting confrontations and rivalries for the Universal title but could not get the title.

Now the wrestler has started a new rivalry with Roman Reigns for the Intercontinental title and it would not be surprising that this time, Joe would win the title earlier this year to free Roman Reigns in his pursuit of the Universal title against Brock. Lesnar, and thus Joe being champion for the first time in WWE.


2- Shinsuke Nakamura

5 WWE Superstars Who Should be Champions in 2018The Japanese who debuted last April seemed to be on track to be the company’s champion in the first months of his stay on Smackdown, but that has not been the case and he has not yet achieved any belt on the main WWE roster. Nakamura seems destined to go directly for the WWE Title, although a season with the title of the United States would not go far wrong.

Rumors suggest that Nakamura could be the winner of the Royal Rumble and challenge AJ Styles for the title at Wrestlemania 34 in what would be a real dream match. What better way to proclaim champion for the first time of Smackdown than doing it in Wrestlemania and before one of the best fighters in the world. Whether or not it is on this occasion we are sure that Nakamura will win some title in 2018.



5 WWE Superstars Who Should be Champions in 2018If there is a fighter who seems to have the way marked to be champion in 2018 that is Asuka. the invincible Japanese fighter who left NXT with a record of 534 days unbeaten as the women’s champion of the brand, still has a perfect record in RAW and everything indicates that she will be the next champion of the brand.

In recent weeks we have seen how they were approaching the positions and were Alexa Bliss, the current champion, and Asuka and this invites the possibility that Asuka is proclaimed champion of the first Royal Rumble in history this month of January and that challenges Alexa Bliss to a fight for the title at Wrestlemania 34, where the Japanese fighter could win the title.


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