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6 Greatest Matches of Sting’s Career

6 Greatest Matches of Sting's Career


6 Greatest Matches of Sting’s Career

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6 Greatest Matches of Sting’s Career

Sting one of the greatest wrestlers in history, The icon in WCW, idol in TNA and dream fulfilled in WWE. His first steps in professional wrestling were in 1985 in the company Universal Wrestling Federation then signed with the National Wrestling Alliance.

Although as everyone knows, in WCW would be consecrated as one of the great legends in the history of wrestling. “The Icon” had a career of 30 years, although it has not confirmed his retirement. He won 21 titles as well as being a member of the TNA and WWE Hall of Fame. Below, we present six major matches in his career.

6. Sting vs. Ric Flair

6 Greatest Matches of Sting's CareerThis match was a pact for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship in The Great American Bash 1990. Back then, Ric Flair was one of the company’s main attractions. Sting showed that he had the wood of a champion and that he could fight “you for you” with any of the squad.

The contest would catapult the career of the “Icon” from that moment, winning the world title for the first time in his career.

5. Sting vs. Hollywood Hulk Hogan

6 Greatest Matches of Sting's CareerThe match was agreed for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship. At that time nWo was the master and lord of WCW. Hollywood Hulk Hogan was the most hated rude, the ideal scenario to get rid of the faction would be in Starrcade 1997.

Although Hogan was originally imposed with his Atomic Leg Drop, Bret Hart intruded preventing the bell from sounding, attacking the referee and taking his role. Sting after two Stinger Splash and a Scorpion Deathlock, defeated Hollywood Hulk Hogan, after the entire WCW squad, celebrated his victory in the ring.

4. Sting vs. Bret Hart

6 Greatest Matches of Sting's CareerThe contest was agreed to by the WCW United States Championship in the 1998 edition of Halloween Havoc.

At that time The icon belonged to the nWo Wolfpack, it was a luxury combat, in the end, Bret Hart attacked Sting with a bat until he was knocked unconscious. Topping it with the sniper, the referee would interpret this as a knockout. As a consequence “The Hitman” would retain the title.

3. Sting vs. Lex Luger

6 Greatest Matches of Sting's CareerThe contest was agreed by the WCW World Heavyweight Championship in SuperBrawl II. After his failure, not being able to capture against Flair the maximum title of the company in the inaugural match.

Sting would vindicate himself against Luger, winning the title for the first time in his career, his first reign within WCW would last 134 days.

2. Sting vs. Kurt Angle

6 Greatest Matches of Sting's CareerAfter the purchase of WCW, Sting would refuse to be part of WWF, signing with TNA, a company that would be his second home and where he would mark his name with gold letters.

Again the failure to become the inaugural champion was repeated, this time against Kurt Angle and Christian Cage. His rematch opportunity came in Bound for Glory 2007 where after a dirty match, he would become for the first time the TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

1. Sting vs. HHH

6 Greatest Matches of Sting's CareerAfter years of being a frustrated dream of joining WWE, Sting would finally make his Survivor Series debut, helping to mark the end of the “Authority” era.

His fight against HHH would see light at WrestleMania 31, being his only participation in the showcase of the immortals. It should be noted that WWE remembered who won the battle on Monday nights.

The curious thing about the combat was the support of his most bitter enemy in his career, the nWo.


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