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6 Reasons Why We Should Support Ronda Rousey


6 Reasons Why We Should Support Ronda Rousey

6 Reasons Why We Should Support Ronda Rousey

Credit: WWE

The arrival of Ronda Rousey to WWE is one of the hottest topics on the road to WrestleMania 34, a topic that has provoked a diversity of opinions; with one sector of the hobby noting their enthusiasm, and another, their disenchantment about the purpose.

However, I will venture to say that 85, 90 percent of those who resist the idea of Rousey as a WWE Superstar, are people who either do not know it or who have heard their name over and over again, but who do not she is aware of the huge global star she really is, and by associating it with her celebrity status, she chooses the easy path of booing.

Her arrival will not go well between certain partners in the locker room either, in a situation similar to that presented with Brock Lesnar at the time but those who will feel that will be from my point of view those who will put themselves before that to the business. although, of course, each one will be able to have the opinion that pleases her. And in this writing, I will try to argue the reasons why both the WWE cast and we, the fans, should welcome the legendary gladiator with open arms and support her in her new journey in the McMahon empire.


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